Looking for a team coach?

Team4Teams works on Team Development. Our mission is to guide professional groups during processes of change and inspire sustainable collaboration in professional organizations and businesses.

Check us out to see which of our qualities suit your questions. To support the collaboration, we use challenging and fun team activities, indoors and outdoors. But the goal is not the activities, the goal is to discover how cooperation in a team can improve. Reflections are therefore the key and team building a means to visualize improved cooperation.

Every journey starts with a first step. With focus on where you want to go. We are happy to be your guide to improve the process of collaboration in your team.

Team4Teams supports a wide range of teams in companies in the financial, construction, food, healthcare, social care and educational sectors.



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  • KNAW (team building) top sientists
  • Greenpeace International (team training) > environmental protector
  • Consultancy ATIM (team training) 〉 production industry
  • The Royal Dutch Bank (team building managers) 〉 banking
  • Alliander (team building high potentials) 〉 production industry
  • SCA logistics (team training kick off team logistics) 〉 production industry
  • Royal Society for the Advancement of Dentistry (team building) 〉 health care
  • Arcadis (communication training management) 〉 design and consulting organization
  • Landstede school for secondary social education (team building teachers) 〉 education
  • i2i Development (team building Gyproc) 〉 production industry
  • Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (team building) 〉 Ministry
  • UWV managers (team training) 〉 social services department
  • MD&D Concepts (team training) 〉 Management Consulting
  • ZGMEANDER Assen (training Communication Styles) 〉 health institution
  • Mueler & Grol (team training) 〉 production industry
  • FIOD Utrecht (team building) 〉 Fiscal Information and Investigation
  • Combiwel Social Welfare Institute Amsterdam (policy about collaboration between professionals and volunteers) 〉 social Welfare
  • Vliedkinderen child care and after school care (team training) 〉 Child Care
  • Avery Dennison (team building) 〉 global packaging production industry
  • a.s.r. (team building management) 〉 insurance
  • Bijenkorf (team building) 〉 warehouse
  • Tempo Team (team building) 〉 temporary employment agency
  • Vitras Cmd (team training) 〉 health care
  • Amares Theodotion home for the elderly (team training) health care
  • Train drivers union (team building) 〉 transport sector
  • Deventer Hospital (team building) 〉 health care
  • Readspeaker (team training) 〉 software company
  • High school Hoogezand (team day teachers) 〉 education
  • Stenden university Leeuwarden (group dynamics) 〉 education
  • Coloriet (team training) 〉 social care
  • Oranje Fonds (collaboration professionals and volunteers) 〉 social fund
  • Tempo Team sales (team building) 〉 temporary employment agency
  • Scouting head office The Netherlands (coaching management) 〉 Youth organization

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Team4Teams supports non profit organizations with their knowledge, courses, exercises and advice.

We are proud to support:

  • Foundation Buitendoor (training Outdoor Survival and tree house Camp Staff, masterclasses Communication Styles and international Erasmus+ programs)
  • Scouting National Office (group development)
  • Y Camps (training Camp Staff and international Erasmus+ programs)


Together these facilitators form a team for teams

Pieter Maas Geesteranus Team4Teams

Pieter Maas G.
Team Coach, Lean Trainer

Pieter is a professional team trainer and team coach with a degree in business psychological. He is specialized in experiential learning, systemic work and Lean management.

Floor Vullings Team4Teams

Floor Vullings
team trainer, coach

Floor is educated as physical education teacher and specialized in sports psychology and outdoor sports. After his studies, he became a team coach. Floor is working all over the world as a trainer and coach in safety behaviour, communication, cooperation and leadership. Next to his work as a trainer, he is founder of the non-profit organization Buitendoor and is founder and developer of the method the Scale of Cooperation.

Nelleke van Klaveren Team4Teams

Nelleke van Klaveren
Team Coach

Nelleke uses experiential learning and outdoor teaching methods with adults. She is versatile trained in NLP and include contextual guidance and coaching. As an outdoor and team trainer, she has more than ten years of experience with various audiences.

Wouter Ram Team4Teams

Wouter Ram
Team Trainer, Coach

Wouter is a passionate trainer in personal development and team development. He is experienced in working in a international setting and easily makes a connection with the group.

Jeroen Voorhaar, instructor, team trainer

Jeroen Voorhaar
Instructor, facilitator

Jeroen is our specialist in Serious Fun programs. Jeroen studied business administration and is active as an office manager at the Buitendoor Foundation where he organizes school camps and other training activities on a daily basis.

Pieter Schoe Team4Teams

Pieter Schoe
Team coach, owner

Pieter is a professional team coach with decades of experience, he is specialist as team coach in teams under pressure and advisor in team development issues.Pieter is founder and developer of the method the Scale of Cooperation.

Jos Goedknegt Team4Teams

Jos Goedknegt
Team Trainer

Jos is a professional team trainer with decades of experience as a sales trainer, he is specialist as team trainer in the automotive and Construction industry.

Lars Esselink Team4Teams

Lars Esselink
team trainer facilitator

Lars is a team trainer who works a lot with the methods around solution focused working and experiential learning. As a trainer he works primarily with international teams. Lars is specialized in making complex matters simple and he is excellent in observing groups and processes

Jurjen Knoester Team4Teams

Jurjen Knoester
Mentor, Trainer, Coach

Jurjen has facilitated programs for teams all over the world for more than a decade. He has proven toe be a versatile trainer. In our training programs, he combines experiential learning with solution focused team coaching and his signature graphic facilitation skills.

Jan Willem Blaise Smit
personal and team coach

Jan Willem is a certified Social Pedagogic Worker. Schooled as an NLP practitioner and master he coaches people with a disability. Working as a consultant at MEE, Jan Willem focuses on strengthening their abilities.