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 Team Building  with Reflection 

Team building with reflection

Team building can be done all the year round

Every crisis has its winners. If you ask winners how they made it through a crisis, the answer’s always the same:’We were a team’– but we had to work hard at it. Team coaching and team building support and accelerate team development, and help teams become top-flight teams also in exceptional situations.

In the English-speaking culture the focus is on leadership. What matters in the Dutch culture is teamwork, team spirit, personal responsibility and self-management. Team4Teams programmes combine the best of both approaches.

Team coaching helps when launching a new team (with a solid kickoff) after a reorganization or merger. Don’t forget to keep feeding teams that are working well, so that they stay healthy. Team support can be provided all the year round.  

Results, processes and cooperation

In organizations the focus is on content, results and processes. If anything goes wrong, a new process is needed. Team4Teams supports the third aspect of working well: cooperation. When people cooperate well, this has a positive impact on content, results and processes.

Indoors, outdoors and online

Our team programs are available indoors, outdoors and online. We offer programs that combine fun with the feeling of being a winning team. Team coaches support the process towards a learning team with a wide range of insights. They support the goal of responding smartly, creatively and flexibly to new circumstances.

We can give you what you need in English, Dutch, French and German – and also, with extra travel time, in Hungarian, Polish, Romanian and Swedish.
This makes Team4Teams the perfect partner for multilingual teams throughout Europe.

Ask us for a live and online mix to provide lasting support for international teams.

Team building Amsterdam
From criticism to feedback
Team Building online two times 3 hours

Team coaching indoors 

The video shows our programme in the region of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Team coaching outdoors

The video shows our team programme in The Hague, Netherlands.

Team coaching to improve collaboration

Focus on lasting cooperation

Participants learn about additional communication resources for flexible cooperation in teams.
The team day provides a boost, and the difference can be seen in the workplace.

Which teambuilding programme fits your needs?

Team Building strengthens teams

Experience how cooperation in a team exercise contributes to positive team spirit. A cooperating team can find answers in a complex world to the questions that arise in your organization.

Team coaching supports and speeds up the process of cooperation with exercises and reflection based on experience. The team exercises provide the challenge, and reflection makes the difference.

Our programmes are available online – a good choice for remote team members. A mix of online and live may also work – this may be a good choice because of cost and also sustainable work.

We greatly look forward to challenging your team live – in a conference centre, outdoors, or online. 

Focus on cooperation

This programme for improving cooperation
gives you the best Team4Teams has to offer