serious team building

Team building with reflection

This team check-up will be serious fun and engaging. Your team’s collaboration tested in two complex or three short exercises. In between the multi complex activities we take time to reflect in order to create lasting results. Collaboration is the task and will generate valuable insights for everyone. There are exercises to choose from to see collaboration, persistence, creativity, out of the box actions, leadership, team dynamics, etc. Real impact with a team coach. Also low budget possible with a junior instructor.

Three programs

communication training

Communication styles

In our no.2 best selling clinic the Team4Teams facilitator will explain the four main styles of communication as well as show you how to interact effectively with all four styles. We will take the time to get to understand your colleagues and their preferred communication style. On top of that every person has a preferred focus. Where one looks for quick results, another prefers thoroughness. A third wants to build relationships, while yet another has his mind set on motivating people.

Three programs

from critism to feedback

Feedback training

In our course participants learn to distinguish between how we see feedback and criticism. Criticism is one way traffic, potentially dis-empowering and creates pressure. Feedback is a two way conversation with the goal to learn and grow together. The result of this process is more energy and a new positive flow in your team at work. 

Our program will provide you with the required skill set to do so. Start this exciting journey with our  feedback course. 

Three programs

Practical approach – surprising

Experiential learning improves the cooperation

An investment in quality attention and better results

Company trainings in the Netherlands are 100% deductible

A wide range of locations perfectly suited for team building in the Netherlands

Ernst Sillem Hoeve Utrecht Team Building

Focus & Privacy

We are proud to invite your group to our home: the hotel Ernst Sillem Hoeve surrounded by nature. 

Kasteel Hooge Vuursche Utrecht Team Building

High level impact

Exclusive castles, conference centers and private locations in the Dutch woods. Let us know your wishes for a first class stay in the Netherlands.

Hotel ship SS Rotterdam for team building activities

Close to your office

We know where to find the best spots for our team building programs. Let us supply you with a list of best value hotels in the area. We travel to wherever you want.

Back to basics

Is your company in ‘back to basics mode?’ Basic facilities located throughout the green areas of the Netherlands are readily available. Ask us for options.

We present

special team building programs for teams.

All kinds of smart and practical team building activities for teams. It seems easy, it is easy, but until you start. Only clever collaborating teams will succeed. Not the exercise but the reflections are our speciality. It brings the group insights, overview and practical handles for improving cooperation tomorrow.

We offer

customized communication skills programs for the private, public and social sector.

All kind of team building workshops, feedback seminars, communication styles clinics and master classes. It is all about clever collaboration. And it starts all with a first step.

We provide

team coaching for managing directors, HR professionals and (senior) managers.

We support them by building creative pro-active teams. We are specialists in building strong teams and help you overcome struggling, opposing and cultural differences.

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