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 Team Building  Covid-19 Proof 

Team Building Covid-19 Proof

Every crisis has winners. If you ask a winner how they overcame the crisis, you always hear the same answer: we were a team. Winners pay attention to innovations that have been developed with teamwork. Team Coaching supports and accelerates this process.

Team building is often seen as a first step in creating free space, and thereby supports and strengthens the connection in and between teams.


Feel yourself welcome and start to accelerate live (outdoors and indoors) in combination with online

Team building with healthy team members at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other is safe. Now that virus pressure is decreasing, and Covid-19 rules vary by region, we are happy to discuss which rules you would like to use to be safe. We are able to adapt them on the spot.

We prefer to stay outside, but it is also possible in a spacious room with good ventilation. Team building Covid proof assignments where keeping distance is offered naturally support safety. We offer programs that combine fun with the feeling of being a winning team. Team coaches support the process towards a learning team with a wide range of insights. They support the goal of responding smartly, creatively and flexibly to new circumstances.

Available in Dutch, English, French and German.

Ask us about the options in Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Romanian and Swedish.
Team4Teams is a perfect partner for multilingual team training.
Also online and available in a mix of live and online
to support international teams sustainable.

Team Building Covid-19 Proof
Training Feedback and Team BuildingCovid Proof
From criticism to feedback

Team Coaching, Team Training & Team Building

– all Covid-19 Proof – is what we offer at locations in Europe,
the video shows our program in The Hague the Netherlands.

Team Coaching to improve collaboration

Focused on sustainable cooperation

Trainees get to know extra communication tools to work smart and flexible together in teams.

Which Team Building program fits your request?

Team Building Covid-19 proof
team exercises

Team Building strengthens teams

Because we know that Team Building contributes to the right spirit. And well-cooperating teams will be the key, and together they will be able to find answers to the questions that live in your organization. Team Coaching supports and accelerates this process.

Our programs are also online available. With team members outside the country sometimes in a mix of online and live even better, more sustainable and smarter in terms of costs.

And we are really looking forward to challenging your team live together. Outdoor in nature and indoors, with always a distance of 1.5 meters to ensure safety.

Improve collaboration

With our Collaboration Improvement Program
you get the best Team4Teams can offer you