Team Building exercises on video

Six team building activities mapped out on video

Speed Ball 2.0

Speed Ball is a sporting task in which a ball must be caught as quickly as possible in each box. That seems easier than it is. Good consultation is essential and agreements must not only be made, but also followed.

THE Cooperation

In all our team assignments we ask you to work together. But a higher level is expected in THE Cooperation. Is your group able to communicate effectively under pressure? And what if the time pressure increases? There is no stick in the right place yet and no one knows ‘what is right’ … And then what everyone was afraid of sounds: “Five more minutes” … Suitable for top teams and teams that want to learn.

The Water Network

The Water Network is a creative assignment in which we ask the group to transport as much water as possible from A to B using different materials. Different sets of game rules are available. Due to the length of the pipes and bamboo poles, keeping a distance is ‘obvious’. How much of the five liters of water does your team get in the measuring cup within 2 minutes?

Child’s play

Each industry has its own jargon. By speaking in code language it is clear to everyone much faster what is desired. Child’s play is a team building assignment in which jargon is key. Is the team able to find the right words? There are different sets of game rules available, for example corona proof using walkie-talkies. This assignment becomes child’s play with a common language.

The Balans Board

The Balance Board is all about balance. Balance on the board and balance in the team. Can the team take all the pieces off the board without disturbing the balance too much? And how does the team help with this? Will the balance continue to contribute to a successful experience?

The Egg

The egg is a concentration assignment. Can you bring the egg from A to B and overcome obstacles? There are different sets of rules available so that we can make the assignment suitable for each team.

Location: Te Werve Buiten near Le Hague.

Company Event options with team building

Above you saw examples of a team building event. Ask us for more options.

An ideal team day for fun, depth, and team building with team spirit as a result.
There are three variants, each with its focus:

  • An eight-hour team event: strengthen, confirm, call up or regain team spirit.
  • A team meeting of six hours: relaxed, with a theme chosen by you, for example: connection, back to basics, trust, cooperation, etc.
  • A company event with your presentation – for example the quarterly figures – and a team building of 2 up to 5 hours around it.
    This can be organized in blocks.
    For example, 1.5 hours before the presentation with an exercise with a theme that matches the presentation and, for example, 2.5 hours after that, with a theme that looks ahead to what is needed looking to the future.