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who we train

We deliver team coaching for: CEO’s, CFO’s, CMO’s, boards, HR professionals and Managers.

And support them by building strong teams.

We offer special communication skills programs for the Private, Public and Social sector.

Feedback training, communication styles workshops, clinics and master classes.

We offer customized team building programs for managers (preferably together with their teams).

As well as for front – and back office staff, freelancers, trainees and even clients or volunteers.


Your business team is one of a kind:
Nobody else out there is working toward the same set of goals as you are and facing identical challenges.
Which is why we are ready, willing and able to adapt our programs to suit your needs. Please contact us.


Strengthen your team with team building in the Utrecht area


Select an option and explore a unique selection of team building possibilities

Team building & reflection

Communication course

Feedback course

Unique locations perfectly suited for team building in and around Utrecht

team building in the Ernst Sillem Hoeve

The Ernst Sillem Hoeve is a quality choice on the Utrecht hills. With several options for team building activities inside as well as outside in any season.

High level impact

Fort aan de Klop is attractive for team building

Koningsbed, Castle Hooge Vuursche, Woutschoten, Fort aan de Klop, all unic and attractive and to much to choose, ask us for advice or choose one

close to your office

Conference Center Hoorneboeg

We are proud to invite your group to our home: the Hoorneboeg estate. Surrounded by nature and located 25 km from Utrecht. Transportation by bus turns travel time into a useful meeting.
Focus & privacy


Support your team with team building and support an NGO at the same time using their basic facilities located throughout the green areas of the city Utrecht.

Back to basics

Team4Teams is flexible. Want us to visit your location?
Please contact us to discuss options.


check out all locations in the area

Three (inspiring) steps to team development

Our key elements in Team Development

  • Experiential learning and solution focused collaborations in the ‘here and now’.
  • Guiding teams during processes of change.
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make their cooperation sustainable.

Our Team Development programs reveal which behaviour is supporting in team communication and when reflection is necessary.

Try our clinics:

  1. Team building > serious – powerful & fun.
  2. Revealing communication style > improving working relationships & understanding.
  3. Giving and receiving feedback > constructive cooperation – focus on learning.

It is all about quality and acceptance

For teams to function properly, communication on the highest level is vital.
Impact = Quality x Acceptance.

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acceptance between directors, managers, team leaders, and of course, their teams.

When you invest in the cooperation of your people, acceptance and creativity will increase immediately. Great teams know what they want and position team members where they can contribute to get the quality customers and colleagues need.

We support positive interaction, as a continuing process, learning by doing, a need in every business in all the levels, with all their clients.

Scale of Cooperation model on

How is your team doing?
Click on the image to see for yourself.

More information is readily available. Please send us your questions at your convenience and we will respond within 48 hours (Mon-Fri).

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Experts in team development by Teambuilding4Teams

Meet the specialists

Our team coaches are specialists in inviting and challenging teams to become flexible and proactive as they enter the essential learning mode. Team building is also suitable for a (company) kick-off (of project teams) as well as for teams in which collaboration is under pressure, or when trust is at stake and proper feedback is needed.

Make an impact

In addition to team building in Utrecht, we can also organize your team building activities elsewhere. Like The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. In addition we can deliver our on-site training programs everywhere in Europe, for example combined with a stay in the beautiful Ardennes.


Tipi tent in the Ardennes for Teambuilding4Teams


Pieter Schoe - Team4Teams

About me

I’m a certified Agogic and use experiential learning in team building. My background enables me to supervise learning behaviour in teams. I completed three studies in Neuro Linguistic Programming (Practitioner, Master and Provocative team coaching) with a focus on teams and team building in and around Utrecht. Through the years I specialized in how teams and their team members learn to communicate effectively in order to successfully reach their goals. Our programs are unique in their simplicity and effectiveness.The question I ask myself every day is: Can we help you reach your goals faster, be more effective, be more practical, be more in contact and have a bigger and lasting impact.

It is my mission to support groups during processes of change and to inspire sustainable cooperation.

Because of our strong network of team coaches we can support (large) teams from various international oriented companies and businesses in and around Utrecht.

Teambuilding4Teams is based in the Netherlands and support teams wherever the client wants. We can provide all our Team Building programs in English, Dutch, French, and several East European languages anytime and anywhere. Tell us your wishes and customize your own international team of team coaches.