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Team Building with reflection online

Stay connected and committed as a team.


Team Building ONLINE helps you experience the pleasure of working together in teams that work remotely international or from home. The perfect choice now that international travel has become less self-evident. The perfect choice to save costs.
It increases your ability to stay flexible and creative when dealing with change, and supports result-oriented working. 

Periodic maintenance for each team
to complete in nine steps of three hours in six months.

Communication course for teams online and in-company

the most practical online communication styles course for teams

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Online approach

Feedback brings a team to real collaboration. Collaboration that allows creativity, increases commitment and connection.

Trusting each other is key.
But not every team has this level of confidence at the start of an online training.
We first check this in the first session using a roadmap: The Scale of Cooperation.
In situations where the connection between team members is under tension due to conflicts, we recommend that you first restore connection and commitment with the help of team building.
More about this positive process in the video.


A step-by-step process

Periodic maintenance for teams, collaboration is a step-by-step process knowing that every team is different. A team-developing process can provide that, with brief interventions aimed at periodic maintenance. Each session provides new tips that enhance positive cooperation. To climb from a team to a top team with the help of each other. Supported on request by a team coach. Step by step.

This enables a team to strengthen a
sustainably cooperating organisation culture.

Periodic maintenance for each team
to complete in nine steps of three hours in six months.